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Two great reviews on Insta and Etsy. Both in English about the Dutch edition.
Insta: Review time! ? ? Salto & Ubba 3
The third volume of this beautifully queer comic series is another labor of love by Wilbert van der Steen. Salto is the bearly built gay artist finally making his dream come true. A Bearlesque talentshow. With the help of his loving and supportive boyfriend Ubba they take the plunge. But rival entertainer Ponky has his own ways of setting up a show.
In this third volume Ubba gives up his job to focus on the Bearlesque show with Salto. Along with the help of Mizz Froufrou and friends they start building up the show. But Salto feels overwhelmed and the bombastic theatrics of Ponky make him feel like he can’t make it.
New Born Gym decides to make their own profit of both parties, but fail horribly in the promotional work for their new gym. Will they take down Ponky in the process? This third volume brings the series to new hights with beautiful panels, color work and humor. You can really feel the love and want Salto and Ubba to succeed. A joyfully queer read.
Etsy: I recently had the pleasure of diving into the colorful world of Salto and Ubba, and I must say, it was a truly delightful experience. As I sat in the sun with a cup of coffee, this gay comic transported me to a place where I could momentarily forget the world around me, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. The characters are nothing short of fabulous. Each one is meticulously designed with unique looks and fashion that speak volumes about their personalities. What truly sets Salto & Ubba apart is its ability to engage and warm the heart. The storyline is both entertaining and meaningful, with moments that made me laugh out loud and others that touched me deeply. It’s a testament to the creators’ ability to blend humor, romance, and everyday life in a way that feels both authentic and delightful. Highly recommended!

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